Insurance Company/PBM

Centennial works on-on-one with insurance companies and PBM’s doctors, nurses, pharmacy services, and community teams to provide full-fledged pharmacy support to the team and the member.

Working with compliance packaging through Centennial Pharmacy has changed my practice as a community-based RN care manager for Keystone First, a Medicaid MCO. It has afforded me time to devote to member education, and be reassured that the physical medication management is being addressed.  It has given the entire care team an expert resource to utilize when we or the members have a question. Providers that we work with are impressed with the collaborative manner that Centennial employs, including having a pharmacist available to interact with physicians. The difference to our members has been incredible.  We have seen members reduce the amount of pills they need to take.  We have seen improvement in vitals as well as lab values; sometimes within several weeks of beginning to use compliance packaging. Members report feeling a better sense of independence; being able to manage their own medication instead of relying on a nurse to fill a pillbox.  It has been gratifying to see members become eager to take medication instead of avoiding what had become an unpleasant task. Centennial staff have been great partners to myself and my team. They are always available to answer questions, assist with education and offer support to members.  I thank Lindsay and her staff for all that they do.

Michele Logan, RN
Community Care Manager – Keystone First

Why is compliance important?

  • 1 in 4 patients who receive a prescription never fill it
  • 1 in 3 patients that start a medication discontinue it on their own
  • Medication adherence continues to be among top factor of hospital readmissions

Why should you care?

  • Medication adherence can keep patients at home longer
  • Medication errors are a major cause of hospitalizations & nursing home placements
  • Home Health Care is one of the fastest growing entities in health care
  • Pressure is on nurses/caregivers to assure patient safety in in home

Proven Outcomes

Diabetes (n=21): baseline PDC adherence of 69% rose on average by 43%
Hypertension (n=45): baseline PDC adherence of 71% rose on average by 39%
CAD (n=16): baseline PDC adherence of 68% rose on average by 45%
CHF (n=12): baseline PDC adherence of 67% rose on average by 47%
Overall aggregate improved adherence rate jumped to 99% from a 72% baseline

How do we do it?

  • Synchronization: ALL medications filled on the same day every month
  • Comprehensive Medication Review: Including OTC’s and non-oral’s
  • CentennialCare Pack Packaging: Medications organized chronologically and customized to each individual patient’s needs

We do the work for you…

  • Comprehensive Medication Review with pharmacist
  • Manage refills, transfers and physician communications
  • Hand delivers medications to the patient’s door every month
  • Provides monthly updated medication lists to all health care providers

…So you can focus on your patients!

  • Free up nurses for better patient care and enhanced job satisfaction
  • Eliminate outdated, expired and discontinued medications from the home
  • Decease home health care’s liability on medications
  • Improve patient outcomes, lower hospital readmissions, & improve communication between all healthcare providers!

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