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Personalized Pharmacy Services

For Patients


Enhanced pharmacy care that utilizes the core elements of medication therapy management to decrease preventable errors and increase adherence.

Medication Synchronization

Medication synchronization provides patients with all of their medications on the same day each month and improves adherence with a cyclical pharmacy experience.

Medication Therapy Management

Centennial Pharmacy Services' reviews each patient’s full medication list to ensure each prescription and supplement is appropriate, effective, affordable, and safe.

Adherence Packaging

Each patient is provided with medications pre-packaged in pouches that are labeled with administration date and time, and customized to their need.

Delivery and Shipping

Access to medication is guaranteed with free delivery and shipping options.


Yearly flu vaccines, as well as other vaccinations, are available to Centennial’s patients and partners.


Vitamin and herbal treatment plans to optimize patient health with options under $3.00 per month.

Patient Portal

Instant access to your medication list! Review your medications, enable reminders, receive prescription updates, and securely communicate with your pharmacy team.

Prevention Services

Prescription counseling, diabetic education, tobacco cessation, blood pressure screenings and other preventative services are available through Centennial’s clinical team.

Point of Care Testing

Diagnostic testing is available by appointment only.

Medical Supplies

Diabetic supplies, inhalers, and other needs to provide patients with everything needed to manage medications.

Long Term Care

Traditional long term care services to facilities, group homes, and other providers.

Point of Care Testing

Diagnostic testing is available for COVID-19, flu, and other testing services as permitted.

Medical Supplies

Diabetic supplies, nebulizers, and other common devices to provide patients with everything needed to manage their health.

Remote Monitoring and Chronic Medication Management

If your provider provides RPM or CCM services, Centennial can connect through Wifi and bluetooth enable devices to enhance your pharmacy care.

For Providers and Payors

Medication Management

The key to optimizing patient outcomes is pharmacy support. Centennial works with your team to analyze high risk patients, identify gaps in care coverage, and customize a plan to provide easy, accessible, affordable medication management solutions to your patients and members. 

Adherence Solutions

Taking medications properly is the biggest responsibility patients have with their healthcare. Centennial provides proprietary adherence solutions, customized to individual patient needs, to ensure medications are taken as prescribed.

Comprehensive Medication Reviews

Every patient at Centennial receives MTM including, but not limited to: medication reconciliations, reviews for co-pays, and CMS comprehensive medication reviews. Centennial can even work with your EHR system to review medication lists as necessary.

CMS Measured Outcomes Management

Centenial works with your team to build pharmacy-based workflows to optimize your Star Ratings, MIPS, and HEDIS Scores to increase your reimbursements and get the most out of your alternative payment models.

Collaborative Care Agreements & Standing Orders

Whether you want to ensure all of your patients are receiving their flu vaccine, or you're looking to develop a clinical program for your high risk patients, Centennial works with you to develop solutions that best fit your team and patient population.

Preventative Health and Point-of-Care Testing Services

Point-of-Care testing by Centennial can enhance patient care, while education programs such as weight management, diabetic education, tobacco cessation, blood pressure screenings and others, provide clinical support to patients who need  most.

Transition and Discharge Planning Support

For Facilities

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