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Centennial's Subsidiaries 

Providing the best pharmacy care requires creating the best pharmacy companies. Centennial Pharmacy Services, Incorporated is not just a pharmacy - from technology and digital platforms, to different types of pharmacy dispensing, the Centennial family of companies is creating the future of pharmacy.


Real vaccine providers, finding a solution to a real problem. 

Durable, plastic, water-proof, and wallet sized COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards.

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A secure, online web portal that give patients,

caregivers, and providers convenient, 24-hour

access to their medication information. Designed

for medication adherence, INTEGRATE RX gives

users the tools necessary to best adhere to their medication regimen such as daily reminders, updates when medicines change, and the ability to message their pharmacy care team.

Additionally, INTEGRATE RX's workflow software will allow pharmacies to completely practice an adherence-based pharmacy and the appointment-based pharmacy model.  

Centennial Pharmacy Services Long Term Care

Centennial Pharmacy Services' long term care 

division provides Centennial-level of service

to facilities throughout the Delaware Valley.


The Weekly Dose

The Weekly Dose is a weekly electronic newsletter

for Centennial's patients and partners.

Featuring updates, new features, and

Centennial data.

The Weekly Dose also hosts a 1-hour webinar on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, The Monthly Dose, at 12:30 PM for current and prospective health care partners. This webinar is a chance for Centennial's partners to speak with one of our clinical pharmacists, discuss health and pharmacy topics, and learn best practices for patient success.

To sign up for The Weekly Dose Newsletter, click here.

To sign up for The Monthly Dose Provider Webinar, click here.


CentennialCare Contiuum

Patients desereve high-performing healthcare

providers. CentennialCare Continuum connects

outcomes-driven health care providers with

each other. 

Home health, skilled nursing, hospice care, facilities, behavioral health, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, infusion services, labs, providers, care organizations, and more have been connected with one another to provide high-quality-in-home health care services to patients, together. 

Also branded CentennialPlus or Centennial+

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