Each one of our locations boasts a clinical pharmacist, and participants in CentennialCare. You can meet with them one on one to organize medications, ask the questions about your meds you’ve been wanting to ask, evaluate potential reasons for struggles with medications, identify drug interactions and side effects, and come up with an action plan for taking medications as safely and effectively as possible, and as prescribed by your physician.

In Consultations you can:

  • Review your medical history.
  • Discuss treatment plans. (Which may include a lifestyle change, dietary adjustments, supplement recommendations and current drug therapy assessment)
  • Receive medication consultations (Prescription choices, side effects, management options)
  • Discuss how to manage any rising side effects.
  • Visit with your pharmacist.
  • Receive immunizations.
  • Learn about optional wellness programs to support your recovery and overall health.
  • Consult about medication cost concerns.

What should I bring to my Consultation?

  • Medical History
  • Current prescriptions
  • Current treatment plan
  • Any Supplements you may be taking

How long is a Consultation?

Private Consultations generally take 60- 90 minutes

Where are Consultations held?

Consultations can be held at one of our 3 locations, in your home, or in your physicians office (with approval.)

If you are interested in scheduling a Consultation

Please call us at 267-324-5347.

We look forward to meeting you!