Synchronize all your pharmacy needs

Centennial Pharmacy’s CentennialCare service is designed to simplify your life by combining all of your monthly medication refills into a single refill date. You can also sync up multiple people, such as other family members and loved ones. You’ll save time and get the full benefit of the medications you’re paying for!

CentennialCare also addresses medication adherence, which is a critically important element to achieving the therapeutic outcomes set by you and your physician. With CentennialCare, you have the options to have your medications packaged in our custom adherence packaging, available to you at no extra cost!

CentennialCare focuses on your personal medication regimen and ensuring that you are optimizing your health by providing you and your other health care providers with monthly medication lists and access to Centennial Pharmacists at all times.

Here’s how our CentennialCare service works:

Step 1: Meet

A pharmacist or pharmacy representative will meet with you in person or on the phone and ask a few short questions.

Step 2: Fill

One week prior to your monthly refill date the pharmacy will begin filling your prescriptions by reaching out to you and your doctor, ensuring your medication therapy is up-to-date. You and all of your prescribing physicians will receive an updated medication list.

Step 3: Pick-up or delivery

You can choose to pick-up your medications at our retail location, or have them delivered by a trusted member of our staff to your door at no extra cost.

CentennialCare helps you stay up-to-date with all your medications on a monthly basis. This, in turn, reduces your overall healthcare costs through better disease management, less hospitalizations and visits to the doctor’s office, and more!