Penn’s Village Health Pals

Congratulations! As a member of Penn’s Village, you are a member of Centennial Pharmacy Services. Along with programs offered by Penn’s Village, you are welcomed to any of the programs offered by Centennial Pharmacy. We encourage you to take advantage of these programs, as well as all of our services to optimize your health and live a longer, healthier life!
Receive $15.00 to spend at Centennial Pharmacy towards prescription co-payments,
vaccinations, or over-the counter items with the transfer of your monthly medications.

Consult with a Pharmacist

Talk to our pharmacist about your medication plan and your current health situation. How can we help you? Get your questions answered

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Transfer RX

Would you like to transfer your prescriptions to Centennial Pharmacy?

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Centennial Pharmacy Services

Centennial Pharmacy is more than a pharmacy. We also offer a range of programs that can improve your health through our Centennial Pharmacy Services.

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Centennial CarePack

Never miss a dose of medication again with our Centennial CarePack. Sticking with your medication regime has never been easier.

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Penn’s Village is part of a growing national movement of community based non-profit organizations. They are committed to helping residents of central Philadelphia continue to lead vibrant, healthy lives, and enjoy the activities of city life as they age while they remain in their own homes.

Neighbors of all ages are part of Penn’s Village because they value this important resource and want to support it now, so it will be there when they need it. Many join to get services, which may include accompaniment to doctors appointments, assistance with chores inside and outside the home, and guidance on the use of computers and other technologies. While some volunteer to deliver these services, others may work on administrative tasks and serve on committees, such as educational, social and cultural event planning and communications.

To learn more about how you might participate, contact Penn’s Village at 215-925-7333 or or visit

Centennial Pharmacy is contracted with all insurance plans, as well as commercial Medicare/Medicaid programs. *Patients will be responsible for any copayments, coinsurance and deductibles as determined by their chosen insurance company and/or commercial Medicare/Medicaid plans.

*Clients who transfer all monthly medications with receive $15.00 on their In-Store Centennial Pharmacy Account to use towards over-the-counter products, vaccine and immunization copayments, and/or prescription co-copayments. The $15.00 will be available to the patient after they receive their first month’s supply of medications from Centennial Pharmacy.