Flu Clinics

Our flu clinics provide a safe, effective, flexible, and convenient way to administer flu vaccinations. Combination flu clinic and other immunization programs (such as shingles and pneumonia) are also available.

Your Centennial team works closely with your internal staff to handle all the details—setting participation goals, promotion, registration, and clean up.

Centennial exclusively handles the care, custody, and control or all vaccines and supplies, and disposal or all materials including hazardous materials.

Why is hosting a flu clinic important to your community’s goals?

  • Every year, 5-20% of American will get the flu
  • Immunized adults have a demonstrated reduction in hospital visits
  • An un-immunized adult will, on average, be sick for 5 days or more during flu season

We can customize your flu clinic to offer as many or as little services as you would like, including medication reviews, to ensure that those who attend are optimizing their health!

If you would like more information contact: Lindsay at 215-850-8552 or L.Dymowski@centennialpharmacy.com.