Medication Therapy Management

We’re your healthcare partner

Centennial Pharmacy’s goal is to make taking medication as simple as possible, as well as providing the education, monitoring, and counseling needed to optimize each patient’s prescription drug therapy.

Here’s how this program works:

Consultation - Patients consult with a Centennial Pharmacy pharmacist about their medications. We sit down with patients to learn about their medication regimens and find out how we can help them adhere to those regimens.

Coordination - Our pharmacist calls the prescribing physicians to verify information. We introduce ourselves to our patient’s physicians to better coordinate refills, stay up to date on prescription and appointment changes, and even identify medication interactions when there are multiple prescribing physicians.

Synchronization - Centennial Pharmacy synchronizes refills to occur on the same day (Yes! That means only one trip to the pharmacy every month!) We can ensure that refills are timely and consistent so your patients never miss a dose!

Communication - We maintain ongoing communication with patients, caregivers, nurses, and physicians to stay updated on any medication changes or changes in patient health.

Every month, prior to refill date, we’ll send a medication summary sheet detailing the drugs being filled for the patient, their fill schedules, if they have received any counseling or MTM, if they have taken part in any Centennial Healthcare Services programs, and how well they are complying with their medications.

3 ways to get in touch

  1. For questions or more information, consult with one of our pharmacists.
  2. If you are a physician or are from a physician’s office and would like to refer a patient, please do so here.
  3. If you are a caregiver, nurse, or other healthcare professional and would like to refer a patient, please do so here.