Blood Pressure Tracker

Here’s how it works:

  1. Stop by Centennial Pharmacy to receive your person PharmaSmart Blood Blood pressure smart card
  2. Take your blood pressure at Centennial’s PharmaSmart Blood Pressure machine using your personal smart card
  3. Locate your ‘Unique Access Code’ from the back of your personal smart card
  4. Using the link on this page, go to the PharmaSmart login screen
    • IMPORTANT – For first time users
      • To successfully enroll your personal smart card, you MUST have taken at least one blood pressure reading using your smart card PRIOR to logging in
  5. Type your code into the ‘Unique Access Code’ box to the right
  6. Select your birth month and birth year for authentication
  7. Click the login in button
  8. Get your blood pressure information!

*PharmaSmart does not store your name or any other personal information. Your readings and use of PharmaSmart are 100% confidential.

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