Healthcare is Changing

  • High health costs are unsustainable
  • ACA shirts focus to value-based health care models
  • Hospitals will be reimbursed or penalized for health outcomes

Hospital’s focus on Reducing Readmissions

  • Decrease in reimbursements to hospitals for 30/60/90 day readmissions

How will hospitals manage? They will turn to post-acute providers with:

  • History of low readmission rates of their own
  • Proactive readmission prevention programs
  • Specific readmission prevention technologies

1 in 5 Medicare Patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days

85% of hospital visits for home-based patients are related to non-adherence

Patients are most vulnerable for medication errors within the first week of Skilled Nursing discharge

CentennialCare Skilled Nursing Facility Discharge

  • Centennial clinician meets patient prior to discharge to go over medication regimen
  • Mediations organized by date and time of dose
  • Reminders on pouch to take other mediations (e.g. inhalers)
  • Patients and caregivers easily see what medication are taken and when
  • Monthly updated medication lists
  • Coordination between all health care providers
  • In-home coaching, counseling, and MTM

The most important goal is to get the right medicine to the right person at the right time in the right quantity. If you can complete that mission with a system that is time efficient and frees staff to provide additional care, why wouldn’t you make that decision?

Mitch Bunch,
Wesley Haven Villas

For information on CentennialCare Discharge program for your facility please contact Lindsay at 215-850-9552 or