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Medication Adherence

Medication adherence refers to whether patients take their medications as prescribed, as well as if they continue to take their prescribed medication as directed. Medication non-adherence is a growing concern in health care- clinicians, health care systems, payers, and more are paying attention noting the evidence that medication non-adherence is extremely prevalent and associated with adverse outcomes and higher costs of care. To date, interventions to improve medication adherence are rare in clinical routine, and once a patient leaves a provider’s office there is no one to ensure that a patient is adhering to their medication regimen.

Let’s work together to change that.

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Here’s how CentennialCare works:

Referral - Organizations will refer a patient or member to Centennial. Referrals include information such as: Name, DOB, address, phone number, insurance information, SSN, medication lists, and/or PCPs.

Comprehensive Medication Review – A Centennial Pharmacist with meet with the referred patient for a comprehensive medication review. At this review we talk with patients about their medication regimen, ask them how they are taking their medications and what they have been filling, educate them on their medications, while coaching them on how to take their prescriptions as prescribed and how to properly use any devices they may have.

Coordination – After completing the CMR, Centennial contacts the patient’s prescriber(s) to notify them of the findings in the CMR. During that contact Centennial better coordinates refills, stays up to date on prescription and appointment changes, and even identifies medication interactions when there are multiple prescribing physicians.

Synchronization - Centennial Pharmacy synchronizes refills to occur on the same day. We can ensure that refills are timely and consistent so your patients never miss a dose!

- We maintain ongoing communication with patients, caregivers, nurses, and physicians to stay updated on any medication changes or changes in patient health.

Every month, prior to refill date, we’ll send a medication summary sheet detailing the drugs being filled for the patient, their fill schedules, if they have received any counseling or MTM, if they have taken part in any Centennial Pharmacy Services programs, and how well they are complying with their medications.

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