You deserve CentennialCare

Pharmacy Services, Prescription Services - Philadelphia

Our pharmacists use their expertise to provide quality pharmacy services.

We don’t just dispense medications- we deliver medication management expertise.

Whether in the patient’s home, the provider’s office, or discharging from the hospital, our pharmacists are available to provide medication management for patients with complex regimens. Yes! We come to your home to provide these services, at no extra cost!*

Pharmacy Services, Prescription Services - Philadelphia

Medications can be complex and confusing - Centennial Pharmacy works directly with physicians, caregivers, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to help achieve safe and effective medication therapy. We seek to help resolve safety issues, address concerns, lower healthcare costs, and ensure patient understanding and satisfaction with medications.

Centennial Pharmacy’s pharmacists are focused exclusively on your health and goals. In fact, patients who get their medications from Centennial Pharmacy are automatically enrolled in our programs that suit them for no extra charge.* Additionally, patients who get their medication from any pharmacy can opt to enroll in the Centennial Pharmacy Services programs that work best for them.

Centennial Pharmacy Services, through Centennial Pharmacy, offers patients the following:

Centennial Pharmacy is contracted with all insurance plans, as well as commercial Medicare/Medicaid programs. *Patients will be responsible for any copayments, coinsurance and deductibles as determined by their chosen insurance company and/or commercial Medicare/Medicaid plans.