About Us

Centennial Pharmacy is Philadelphia’s first and only adherence-focused pharmacy. We focus on providing the highest level of pharmacy and healthcare services to patients, providers, and caregivers in our community.

Pharmacy Services, Prescription Services - Philadelphia

It is the mission of Centennial Pharmacy to make your health care as easy for you as possible.

We realize that there is a high demand for efficient and patient-focused pharmacy services, which is why we make it an everyday objective to continually raise the bar in the quality of the pharmacy services we provide.

We expressly commit to meeting the unique needs of individuals by exhibiting:

  • Innovative Practice
  • Clinical Excellence
  • Professional Leadership
  • Quality Commitment
  • Superior Staff

Our expertise = your healthcare success

Whether you’re looking for a specialty drug, medication management, counseling, or a community based retail pharmacy, you can be confident that Centennial Pharmacy Services has the necessary expertise to provide you with the best care possible.

Meeting the challenges of taking medication

Taking medication can be overwhelming. And when the amount of pills keeps piling up, along with it so does the worry - “What if I miss a dose?” “Did I remember to take my pills today?” “I lost my medication!” These are just a few of the concerns that may be running through your mind.

Whether you’re taking medication on your own, or administering it to patients, Centennial Pharmacy can help:

Physicians - let us help you keep your patients compliant in taking their medication, and let us keep you up to date with the medication regime from different prescribers for ongoing medication.

Nurses - no more filling pill organizers or cleaning up medicine cabinets. Let us cut your time dealing with patients’ medication while making sure they are on a safe, effective, and organized prescription regime.

Caregivers - stop worrying about your loved ones’ medications. Not only will we ensure they will be compliant with their medication, but we will be available to them with medication and therapy counseling whenever they need it.

Take back your life and let Centennial Pharmacy worry about your medications.


A. Although Centennial Pharmacy Services and Centennial Pharmacy go hand-in-hand, Centennial Pharmacy provides retail pharmacy services such as prescriptions and vaccinations, while Centennial Pharmacy Services provides clinical pharmacy services such as counseling, medication reviews, disease management, prevention screenings, and educational programs. All pharmacists who work at Centennial have experience in both our retail and clinical departments.

A. Centennial is more than just a pharmacy. We are a pharmaceutical care company focused on providing you with the counseling, education, and guidance that you deserve to have while being on a medication regimen. Centennial provides quality oriented, personalized pharmaceutical and healthcare services to patients all across the Philadelphia area, improving patient adherence, reducing medication errors, and optimizing health and pharmaceutical care.

A. Centennial Pharmacy and Centennial Pharmacy Services has three conveniently located retail pharmacy locations in Philadelphia: our Bridesburg location at 2660 Lefevre Street, our Queen Village location at 843 S. 2nd Street, and our South Philly location at 2036 S. 3rd Street. At these retail locations, you have the access to a full retail pharmacy as well as all of the benefits of Centennial Pharmacy Services.

A. Centennial Pharmacy Services is free* for all prescription-receiving patients of Centennial Pharmacy. For non-prescription receiving patients, Centennial Pharmacy Services fees are based on which type of service the client is receiving. For more details, please see our Centennial Pharmacy Services page. *Patients will be responsible for any copayments, coinsurance and deductibles as determined by their chosen insurance company and/or commercial Medicare/Medicaid plans.

A. OTC means 'over-the-counter.' In the pharmacy world we use the term OTC to refer to any medication, vitamin, herbal, or pharmaceutical substance that is available to you without a prescription: products that are not located 'behind the pharmacy counter.'

A. If you are from a physician’s office, fill out our Referral Form (MD Office). If you are from a home health care organization such as a nursing or caregiving company, fill out our Referral Form (Home Healthcare). You are also more than welcomed to call us at 267-264-8032

A. Price - We file all insurance claims, including Medicare Part D and coinsurance claims, and are committed to meeting or beating local retail prices.

Convenience - We are your neighborhood pharmacy. If you prefer for us to come to you, we have guaranteed free delivery within 24 hours of receiving your prescription. If any medications are needed immediately, they will be delivered that same day. Again, at no extra charge to you.

Consistency - Offering the option of automatic refills on your regular medications, so you will never miss a dose. You also receive your maintenance medications once a month, every month, at the same time of the month.

Continuity - We will give you an updated medication list with every new or renewed prescription. This is not only for your own benefit, but also for your doctors or family members. This will help prevent overprescribing and eliminate the potential for harmful drug interactions.

Communication - Centennial communicates directly with your physician(s) to secure scripts, discontinue or renew medications, and alert them to potentially harmful drug interactions.

Customer Service - One call to us is all you need - we'll take it from there.

Congeniality - Centennial provides all these quality services with a friendly personal touch, as you will quickly discover once you begin talking with us.

Hassle-Free Monthly Billing - For delivery patients, we will send you one bill once a month. No more writing multiple checks each month every time you get a new prescription, billing a credit card multiple times, or being confused with how much cash you've spent. You can mail payments to us, give them to a delivery technician, or drop them off at Centennial location. Your choice.

A. Fill out our ‘contact me’ form on this site, or give us a call at 267-324-5347!

A. If you are a health care provider interested in getting your patients or clients started with Centennial, fill out our ‘health care provider’ form, or call 267-324-5347 for more details. If you are interested in learning more about Centennial, a trusted member of our team can come to your institution for a private meeting or general presentation on Centennial and the services that we offer.