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At Centennial Pharmacy, we are more than just your medication and health care supplier. We consider ourselves guardians of your health. Through our simplified prescription and refill services as well as clinical pharmacy services, we empower you to improve the quality of your life - so you can get back to living and stop stressing about health concerns.

Live your life
And let us worry about your medicine

Centennial is Philadelphia’s first and only
adherence-focused pharmacy

Do you have trouble remembering to take your medication? Or are there so many pills it's easy for you to forget your dose and let one slip through the cracks? Centennial helps you adhere to your medication regime and simplify your life by packaging all of your daily medications into one easy-to-remember packet.

Even better, we combine all of your monthly medication refills into a single refill date. That means you can make a single trip to the pharmacy once a month to pick up all your prescriptions at once. Or if you’d like more convenience, we can even deliver your medication straight to your door. So you never have to waste time or gas, or deal with the hassle of re-juggling your schedule to make a special trip to pick up your prescriptions. Best of all, this delivery service is absolutely FREE.

And as an added bonus, Centennial Pharmacy Services is free* for all prescription-receiving patients of Centennial.

Live life to the fullest

We work with leading health providers to give you the care you need to do just that

Leave your medication worries behind

That’s what our patients have done!

“I use to worry about my dad taking his medication properly, but since getting his meds in Centennial’s packaging I know that he’s taking what he needs to take, when he needs to take it.”

Susan, 54, Bridesburg

“I get my daughter’s medicine packaged by Centennial - it gives her independence and responsibility, but I can still make sure she’s taking her medicine properly. Centennial also gives us a separate box to give to her school nurse for her afternoon dose. I know that Kelsey is getting her medicine properly and on time everyday, even when I’m not around.”

Barbara, 46, Queen Village

“With my busy schedule, I love being able to see the date and time of day when I take my medicine. Centennial’s packaging reminds me when I need to take it, and if I’ve missed a dose.”

Robert, 35, Bridesburg